SeeSwap Wrappers

Wrapping ONE <> ONEs Tokens

Wrapped ONE (WONE) refers to the HRC-20 compatible version of native ONE tokens. ONE, being the native currency on the Harmony blockchain is not HRC-20 compatible and cannot be exchanged directly for other HRC-20 tokens in a decentralized manner.

SeeSwap providers a wrapper, a smart contract to which you can send native ONE tokens, in turn receiving 1:1 WONE HRC-20 token. WONE tokens can be later sent back to the same wrapper to redeemed back for the original ONE tokens. SeeSwap wrapper use a lock-mint-burn model to complete the wrapping/unwrapping process.

Wrapping ONE <> USDs Tokens

ONE <> USDs wrapper will be implemented in version 2, which supports the exchange of native ONE tokens and USDs tokens.

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