Traders can choose from a diverse set of pools, each presenting a unique set of investment opportunities and challenges through its particular configuration of tokens, weights, and fees. The interplay between these settings, pool volume, and external prices generates market forces that incentivize traders to maintain accurate token ratios, thereby preserving asset value for liquidity providers.

There are three main categories:

  • "Retail" traders seeking to exchange tokens with low slippage at favorable rates

  • Arbitrageurs seeking profit through leveling market inefficiencies between DEXs or CEXs

  • Harmony smart contracts seeking liquidity for a variety of reasons, such as liquidating positions on other protocols, trading on behalf of users, etc.

1. Download ONE wallet (chrome extension)

Note that there are two Harmony wallets on Chrome store, you will need to download this version which supports HRC 20 tokens.

3. Select the token pair you wish to swap and click on "SWAP".

Make sure you check all the pool parameters: the price of token x is denominated by token y.

4. Enter the number of token x you wish to swap and choose the direction of the swap. Click on "SWAP".

Accept the Signature Request in the Math Wallet pop up window to sign the transactions. Note that you need to sign two transactions, the first one is to approve the contract to take your tokens, the second one is for the actual transaction.

5. If you don't have ONEs tokens or HRC20 tokens in your wallet, please use the ONE<>ONEs wrapper. The wrapping process only takes one transaction.

All contracts are sourced from with minimum modification.

SeeSWAP is an experimental alpha version of on Harmony. Trade at your own risk.

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