Supply-chain channels and information are controlled by the largest organizations in emerging‌

markets, so it sets a huge entry barrier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to enter the game.‌

ARANK project will completely change that and open markets for entrepreneurs and small‌

business owners and help them to scale their operations.‌

1) What is ARANK?‌

It’s a business platform that solves the complexities of the supply-chain, factory-entrepreneur- retail stores.‌

2) What does it solve?‌

Since we are in collaborative economies, the scale of businesses needs to be balanced; otherwise, only big companies will survive. The ARANK project will give everyone the opportunity to access the Latin American markets at first, and then the world by breaking through issues such as language barriers, legislations, shipping routes, storage, and logistics; all at your fingertips from your phone, tablet, or desktop.‌

3) Is it unique?‌

Yes, it is because it aims to digitize all the existing regular commerce channels.‌

4) Where is the magic?‌

It is in the simplicity of having such complex processes on demand and a click away.‌

5) Gap‌

In a +100-year-old industry, all the distribution is in the hands of a few families that have changed over generations, and some new players have emerged in those transitions, but they have rarely survived for long periods of time.‌

Currently, we work alongside 150 points of sale that we’ve been studying and providing them with‌

solutions. However, they still are exposed to the delays and lack of good accurate services that‌

other conventional suppliers offer them. Therefore, the only way to scale and keep the quality of‌

the service is to digitize the entire process.‌

6) Inspiration‌

Looking at the current waves of global displacement, we realized people can’t rely on just one‌

nation to thrive. So, we wanted to offer a platform to gifted and brave entrepreneurs and‌

influencers for them to launch their projects facilitating their way directly to any market.


Currently, the ARANK TOKEN (HRC 20) is listed on the ARANK website at a price at 0.08$ each.​

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